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How much notice do you need when booking an appointment at Bangalore Girl Friends Experience ?

Advance notice is greatly appreciated, however it is not always required,Travel engagements require much more notice, so please contact our team at Bangalore Girl Friends Experience for more details regarding logistics and time frames.

Why do your Concern Bangalore Girl Friends Experience do not share pictures of their Independent high class escort in Bangalore, Escort girls in Bangalore Can they send me photos of their face so I can see what you look like?

We have family, friends, school and business associates who would not be very understanding as to why we enjoy being a companion. For this reason,we choose to only reveal my face once we have met in person.we are sure however, once you lay eyes on our whole self you will never forget the package in its entirety.

Do your Independent high class escort in Bangalore, Escort girls in Bangalore travel?

Yes, we do welcome travel engagements both domestically and internationally. With enough notice,we can fly to meet you at a place of your choice.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept cash only. Established friends will be provided with further options.

What is the best way to contact you? May I call you?

Email is always best for an expedited response. While our telephone lines  can be off at times, Our team at Bangalore Girl Friends Experience  do check mails regularly.

Is verification really necessary?

While I appreciate your need for discretion, my safety is just as important as your privacy. Trust is an integral part of our relationship. If I cannot verify you, I cannot see you.

Can we meet briefly for coffee or Beer at MG Road, so that I can see if we get along?

Absolutely, but the rates for my time remains the same. That would be considered an arrangement of time with me, and I would have to be given my normal donation for that time spent.

Can you bring a girlfriend on a date?

Yes! I adore women and have a few lovely ladies in mY team at Bangalore Girl Friends Experience who would be enthralled to join us during our date.

What if I am having so much fun I want to extend our date?

If you wish to extend our date, please address this and take care of the additional time before the original time is over.

What will you wear on our date?

I have an elegant wardrobe of Good Sarees and  Chudhidhars and will always be immaculately groomed and appropriately dressed for the occasion.

Are your rates negotiable?

Sorry, they are not. Please do not try and negotiate with me; I find it offensive and will end all communication immediately.

Can I book a same day visit with you?

Short notice or same day requests are usually reserved for my returning friends. If you are new, please provide as much notice as possible.

Do you visit couples?


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